Yes, 2015 is upon us and January is the month of new-year resolutions!  So what is your new-year resolution(s) for your business?

One of the common themes, including yours truly, is increase sales.  Though this is a goal I strive for, but am cognisant that not just sales I’m after.  Providing quality service to clients, efficient and effective delivering system, and profitability all are equally important each and every year.  And one of the things I do at the beginning of the year is get myself organized.  Start with a clean slate and arm myself with a plan.

Here are some tips to help you get organize:

  • Start with a clean desk: if the work space or the space within your office is chaotic it will not provide an environment that motivates you to be productive or creative.
  • Filing (both electronic & hardcopy): If you haven’t done so already, box up non-active files and/or old files into storage and free up space for new client files.  This should be done for your electronic filing system as well. 
  • E-mail: Do you have thousands of e-mails sitting in your inbox?  I know I do.  Everyone have different organizational styles, find one that works for you!  Take a good day if you have to.  Do go through quickly what’s in your inbox.  1 day of work will save you tremendous amount of time and frustration later.  Use flags to highlight items that require actions and move items that have been addressed into another folder or into an archive folder.  This not only free up your inbox space, allows you to know items still need addressing, but also not overwhelm yourself just staring at the thousands of e-mails.
  • Wrap up any outstanding projects and pressing items carried over from last year. Best to finish what’s old before moving onto new projects.
  • Do a year-end review! This should be all faucets of your business including staffing, operations, sales, etc.  One of the key ones is having accurate financial data to help with your new year’s forecast for the next 12 months. 
  • Now that you’re somewhat organized, you can put a plan in place to achieve whatever goals and/or resolutions you’ve set out to accomplish for the year. 

Here’s to YOUR amazing year ahead!